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Presenting with Impact - II:

"Supercharge your Presentation Skills!"

What’s the big idea?

promoteyourselfThis course deals with all the things there just isn't time to cover on a normal presentation skills course, like using microphones, speaking to large audiences, looking good on camera, answering difficult questions and more on style, pace & energy. Using our drama backgrounds, we are able to give away secrets no one else does!

People who came on this course said:

"Comprehensive. The best communication course I’ve ever seen or been part of."

"The delivery is very clear and appropriately paced. The content was very useful and can be adapted in many situations."

Who should attend?

If you have already been on our Presenting with Impact Part 1: Taking the Fear out of Presentations course or you are a presenter already, you’ll love this course. Anyone who presents regularly or aspires to do more will benefit and it is a must if you EVER have to speak at dinners, conferences or on camera - don’t be unprepared!

What will the training cover?

On this course, we can flex the training according to your agenda, so let us know your needs in advanced and we’ll see what we can do.

No matter what, throughout the day we’ll build your awareness of your own style and how to take your presenting to the next level.

You will learn how to:

Work with microphones AND without
Speak well on camera
Take questions /take part in a panel
Bring a different pace and energy to your presenting
Structure an inspirational talk around 'The Hero's Journey'
Incorporate interactive elements to your speaking

What will it be like?

A big part of presenting is just confidence and that comes from small successes, so we’ll have you on your feet practising all day to get that muscle memory of success. Unlike our Taking the Fear out of Presentations course, we will record your presentation if you want us to so you can get the benefit of video playback.

Some people will get the chance, if they want to, to present to the whole group and there will also be plenty of small group exercises.

You’ll get feedback on how you are doing and what you could do differently. We work with your own style to make sure you feel confident and authentic. It’s a safe, fun and relaxed atmosphere.

How do I book?

Contact us about bringing this course in-house for you.

What does it cost?

This depends on your requirements.


This is a 1-day course but can be more if there are a large number of delegates or you want to do more practise.

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