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NEW! The D&H Personality Profiling Service:
Introducing...Facet 5

1. What is Facet5?

It is a personality profile, that you get by filling in an online questionaire, consisting of 106 questions. It takes about 20 minutes.

Known as a ‘Big 5’ personality model, it allows managers and individuals to understand how people differ in their behaviour, motivation, attitudes, and aspirations.

Delaney & Hart is proud to be accredited in distributing these profiles.

2. Why is Facet5 better than other personality profiles?

Facet5 was designed in response to requests for an instrument that would give highly accurate personality profiling and could be used to build teams, recruit and develop people. It is based on recent developments in personality theory and management development, and is simple and practical to use. Facet5’s theoretical and psychometric integrity is superior to other mainstream, but now dated, personality questionnaires, e.g. MBTI and the Insights model.

Using the now widely accepted five factors of personality, it is the most detailed and accurate tool available.

3. How does it work?

Facet5 uses a web-based questionnaire to capture information; participants respond to an e-mailed invitation and are taken directly to the Facet5 website. Most people can complete a Facet5 questionnaire in around 17 minutes. Data is processed instantly and is immediately available for review by authorised users, with reports shown on screen or produced as a fully formatted pdf for printing or emailing.

4. What is it used for?

Many people choose Facet5 because they want to understand themselves better as part of their own self development. It is very illuminating to understand why you are always late, or are good at debating, or find that you don't really like working in a team!!

However, we can also offer additional services using Facet5 to help you with your teams:

  • Audition allows you to map potential job candidates against an IDEAL personality type for the role
  • TeamScape shows you where all your team are in personality terms and therefore why you have certain strengths and clashes
  • Leading Edge - part of the Facet5 report shows you how to manage someone (or how you like to be managed) - this can transform line manager/report relationships
  • Work Preferences - also part of the Facet5 report. Understand what careers you are best suited to in order to create a life you enjoy. This is also used to build teams so that people are doing the right roles.

5. How do I get a profile done?

To maintain its professional credibility, and to ensure that it continues to develop in line with practical experience and current theory, Facet5 is available only to accredited people. A full accreditation programme is available on an in-house basis or through our open programmes which are held at regular intervals.

Celia Delaney at Delaney & Hart is now fully accredited to issue Facet5 profiles and coach on what that means for you.

To book your profile & coaching session, please contact her on This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or telephone 01392 215 389.

6. What does it cost?

We pass on the cost of doing the profile with our provider, Consulting Tools, and charge a small amount for a 1 hour coaching session over the telephone with Celia Delaney. Payment is in advance and the profile and coaching session must be taken within 3 months.

Your investment for this insightful profile plus 1 hr telephone coaching is just £300 + VAT*

Take advantage of this now by calling 01392 215 389

* You will be sent an invoice to be paid within 7 days. Upon payment, you will receive a link to complete your Facet5 profile and an invitation to book a coaching session with Celia.

Please contact us if you need more than one profile for a team OR if you want to use Facet5 for recruitment as you can get a bulk discount.

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