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  • Advice on measuring training impact using the Kirkpatricks model
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Advice on measuring training impact using the Kirkpatricks model

Evaluation of training is essential for clients to determine their return on investment. We believe passionately in lasting behavioural change and are happy to work with clients to measure the impact of our training on their businesses. For us, being able to show that our training works helps everyone in the long term.

There are a number of models that have been developed for the purpose of evaluating the impact of training. Probably the most popular one is Donald Kirkpatrick’s model, from the 1950's.

It looks at training impact at four levels:

1. Participants' reaction to the training (satisfaction)
2. Knowledge gained
3. Behavioural change
4. Benefits to an organisation

We are happy to work with you to any level. We can come in and observe staff before & after training, carry out knowledge tests and suggest ways that you can measure Level 4 impact.

We should say, however, that there are many factors that affect whether or not training works. The truth is, most people don't apply what they learn. So, if you expect to buy a training course and see immediate and lasting change, you are going to be disappointed. The best work you can do is to prepare before the training how you are going to create a culture in which people can apply what they have learned.
A communication culture.
That's where we come in. See how we do it.

Case studies

We've started to work with clients in this way recently and will report back on what results they've achieved as soon as they're in.



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