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Is this you?

1. You’ve got a PROBLEM:

You are a team head, managing director or HR manager and your staff are not communicating in the way you want them to, whether externally or internally, and this is causing problems for the organisation: this might be complaints, a drop in sales, low morale, or not hitting targets.

You are pretty sure you know what you want and need someone to create a bespoke training/coaching package for you.  Are you are looking for team development, negotiation skills, influencing skills, customer service or sales training for example?

2. You’ve got a TARGET:

You’ve been set or have set yourself a target to reach (whether that’s monetary or other units e.g. a reduction in cases going to court) and you know the key to achieving it lies in communication skills but you are not sure yet exactly what the solution is. You probably don't have an HR or people development section of the business and need a blend of coaching, advice and training in all things people...

3. You want to GROW:

You personally want to develop your personal impact in order to achieve more at work: win more business, move up the career ladder, land a great job, reduce stress relating to nerves or conflict, or get your message heard.

Are you looking for advanced presentation skills, interview or promotional skills, how to network better, or just how to create the wow factor?

If this is YOU, read about all the ways we can help you here.

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